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September 21, 2009


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Boy howdy! There were some hooligans in pool raft/boat thingies last night and I thought it was you and Angela bringing me some soup! Definitely not very bright but I did get a Shawshank Redemption rain shot so, you know... oh that just proves your point!

Re: social media... one potential flaw in your thinking is that you can or need to step away from one-to-one when you move your mad skills to the social sphere. It's true that the level of engagement will go down... it's not like you can download the bank statements and stock portfolios of every person you friend on Facebook and then do an analysis. But I'd challenge you to not think that you need to move to blanket or general statements.

Yes, you need to communicate things that have value to a wider audience. But I think you can find ways to do that with people individually, sharing it with the world. Social media is more about connecting with lots of people as, well, people. People can sense when you go "generic" on them.

Think in smaller chunks... tidbits. And think in long term public one-to-one engagement.

It's tricky in your space because most people are tight-lipped about their financial outlook/information. But let's say you find somebody swimming in their back yard while it floods instead of sandbagging their fence (I know, random example.) You could jump in and discuss the financial ramifications of their decision, time management, life management, disease management, etc.

In that (poor) example you're engaging the yard swimming assclown one-to-one but you're letting others peek in. I think that model is good for social media. Maybe think of it more like public email... communications are still addressed to a person but everybody can read.

This is probably where you were headed anyway... not to mention that Caplan is probably light years ahead of this thinking... but I did just want to mention the natural pressure to think in tv/radio broadcast terms.

Been loving the videos... and been meaning to jump in with ideas. But there are yards to be swum so, you know.

Keep at it... you'll find the right model.

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